"I believe the devil exists, do you believe in the devil? - I don't believe in the devil." Often when people ask the question "Do you believe in God?" what is meant is, "Do you believe if God exists?" There is a distinction between believing in something and believing the existence of something. Failing to realize this difference has caused a lot of contention and confusion. To believe in something or someone is to put one's trust and faith in that person or thing. To believe in is synonymous with love. To believe in someone or something is more than an intellectual assent to a concept but involves the whole person; their intellect is involved for sure and so too is their passionate side with their belief flowing into their words, deeds and relationships. A person's beliefs permeate their whole being. To truly believe in something is to live for that something, (that is why faith without works is dead, see James 2:24-26).
The case in point, I believe in God not in evolution. I do believe though that evolution is probably a factor in nature, (probably being the operative word.) To believe in evolution is to turn evolution into a religion. Evolution is not my religion. (Speaking in first person best illustrates the points to be made here.)
To believe in evolution is not even good science. Evolution is a scientific theory, plausible perhaps, workable as a fact maybe, but not something to believe in as such. Conventionally it is reckoned that the Creation believers to be the religionists, not all Creationists are religionists, however to believe in science and evolution is to be a religionist as well. Believers in science and evolution espouse the tenets of their doctrines just as dogmatically as any literalistic bible-basher. If evolution was conclusively proven this type of stance would still be wrong whether an evolutionist or creationist. To say that I believe that God created man and the universe would draw the same reaction of contempt among some circles as it would to say among other circles that I believe evolution probably happened. Both these statements are true about me and this is not a compromise of what I believe in.
If it were conclusively proven that man is descended from a lower ape-like creature this would not be a challenge or refutation to my beliefs and faith. In fact it would confirm some of my opinions. On the other hand if it was proven that something like evolution did not occur although some of my opinions would be refuted my faith and what I believe in would be the same and sound.
The issue has been forwarded as Creation versus Evolution. For those who believe in God the issue is Creation or Creation with evolution as a component in God's Creation. Evolution would only be the outward manifestation of God's action of formation. God even uses evil to accomplish his will; it is not difficult to envision that the natural selection process conforms to the Creator's plan. Evolution does not rival God or take the place of God but rather God ordained it and works through it. It is the earth, which brought forth the animals, this being the way of how God made them. In Genesis 1:24 God commanded the earth to bring forth living creatures according to their kinds and it was so. The next verse states that God made these living creatures, so it was the Word of God operating through the Earth that made the animals. The bible states God made the animals by way of the Earth, that is planet Earth, as well as being made of earth, that is the chemical elements which constitute the planet.

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