Some people theorize that life on earth was seeded from space, there have been organic molecules found in meteorites and comets are thought to contain organic compounds. It is thought that the early earth was bombarded with comets and meteors rich in these compounds that became some of the building blocks for primitive life. There is speculation that the planet Mars may have sustained life at an earlier wetter stage of its existence. Maybe there are still tough bacteria imbedded in rocks where there is a remnant of moisture similar to some bacteria in the Antarctic, or something else unimagined. Some people think it was aliens that began life on earth and over saw its development. It has been thought these extra-terrestrials (ETs) have come from another star system in our galaxy or another galaxy. It is now largely thought that the alien visitations to be inter-dimensional. The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) exhibit feats defying what is thought normally possible in our concrete world.
These things may seem far-fetched and are largely intangible, but this does not mean there can be no element of truth to them. Much of what is accepted science started as far fetched theory. A lot of the breakthroughs of science went against the contemporary mainstream thought of the general establishment, whether it is today's orthodox scientific understanding or the earthly hierarchical church in a bygone era. Often, though, there are strange bedfellows with the genuine pioneers and researchers of these unconventional, but possibly more accurate, paradigms. Sometimes some genuine research is done by people who really are genuine members of the lunatic fringe. The research may be flawed through the person's superstitions. Non-conformists are attracted to alternative views and ways. In part this can be a knee-jerk reaction to the wrongs of the accepted norms and views.
Conventionality is restrictive. Take the typical teenage culture of high school. What is cool, how one should look, talk and act and what are the music and bands that are acceptable. Often in this teenage sub culture there are elements of non conformity to the parent culture which if not successfully pulled off ostracizes a person from popular acceptance. Naturally this contradicts the non conformity aspect of this subculture. Many people are scarred through experiencing the spite instituted in this subculture. Many buy into the image thing to a degree, although at another level, or if they bothered to think about it, they know it is false. So there is a strong motivation for some not to follow the way of the crowd. To go with the flow is wrong; "..narrow is the way…"
Perhaps the actual wrongs in the accepted norms and views of society are just an excuse for some to buck against authority; the underlying reason is inherently of a rebellious nature. This brings up an aspect that UFOs and ETs have and that is the fascination people have for them. This fascination seems to be the same that the various areas of the occult has and is more than just curiosity or scientific interest. A lot of people whose interest is in aliens and UFOs seem to become obsessed in the subject. Anecdotal evidence points to demonic source for UFOs and alien encounters. Satan always causes things to have a certain appeal that would lead people astray, or contaminate them, or distract them from the living true God. It is in people to be sympathetic to his ploys, the element of sin burns hot toward the occult, just like deep calls to deep the what is in people is enticed to the trappings of outer evil, it is temptation. This does not mean that this outer evil is obviously evil, usually the trappings seem lovely.
Some people are interested in the scriptures for evidence of extraterrestrials and alien encounters but ignore great tracts of the more important and pertinent matters. Studying the scriptures for this pursuit is alright as a sideline but when the very reason of scripture is ignored what benefit is that? Non-authoritive writings from the same era as the bible- the books of the apocrypha- are chased down to indulge this thirst; in them there is more material that garnishes this pursuit. Although the extraneous writings may be helpful in some scholarly ways for researching the meanings of some words etc it is no use to be off into myths. (1Tim.1:4,2Tim.4,Titus1:14)
There does seem to be an inordinately high number of vegetarians among those who follow the occultic things including the UFO and alien buffs; is there a correlation? Does vegetarianism make one more susceptible? Although in the beginning Adam was not a meat eater after the Flood God gave Noah everything that moves for food, Gen.9:3. It may well be that in the new created order when the lion and lamb coexist peacefully living creatures are no longer utilized as food but as the present age stands for those who believe and know the truth know that meat is created good to eat, to be received with thanks to God, like other any food, 1Tim.4:1-5.
Obviously to believe in UFOs is wrong but to belief that UFOs exist may be correct or not, however to dismiss the concept out of hand is also wrong. UFOs and extra-terrestrials might exist. The premise that aliens from outer space or outside our dimensions started life on earth can be examined with recourse to the bible. "...a thousand thousands served him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him…" Dan.7:10
God has very many servants at his disposal, he can use winds or fires or whatever. Some of the messengers God has used appeared in human form to those with whom they had to do. See Genesis 18-19. God worked through the gods when making man. In Genesis l: 26 the announcement of Elohim (God(s)) for them to make man uses a plural form. Elohim literally transcribed to English is "Gods". There are other entities, which have a conferred sovereignty. Using the term Elohim denotes the manner of operation used by the Lord God in that he worked through that on which he had conferred dominion and power, that is angel kind. It is seen in Gen. 1:26-28 that man is given authority and dominion on earth by God and so shares in God's reign. In the natural created order man is like God to that which is beneath man when exercising this rightful power. Of course these beings do not necessarily have the same nature as God's nature, just a position as a god, for a while in the scheme of things. Even the Devil and his evil company had their presence in the Garden of Eden as the serpent and the tree of knowledge, and God established the night in the created order. Some of these angelic beings intruded into Man's natural realm, they left their proper abodes to fornicate with women; Genesis 6. It ended up that the way of all flesh on earth was corrupted except Noah was blameless in his lineage and probably his family as well. This of course is hard for us to understand. How can beings outside our realm come into ours and breed with human women.
At various places in the bible the angel of the Lord contacts different persons to speak to them. In the ensuing conversations the text does not make it clear if it is God speaking or the angel speaking to the human person; the characters of the angel of the Lord and the Lord are interposed. Judges 6:11-24 is a good example. The lack of a clear distinction between whether it is the angel speaking or God is to do with the theology of the situation. God is not apart from his words and although it is an intermediary (an angel) conveying the words insofar as they are the Lord's words and as intended it is God, hence Elohim, (Gods).
Even if there are what to us are extra-terrestrials among the myriads of myriads of those that serve God and these ETs played a hand in life on earth and the formation of man this would not constitute evidence contrary to God's authorship. If evidence and proofs were found of extra-terrestrials and an involvement of life on earth from its early beginnings there would be a hue and cry with some disclaiming the bible's authenticity by this evidence, whilst some who believe the bible will errantly disclaim the proof of aliens by using the bible. People! sigh! Actually it has already been explained that it is biblical for the existence of those that could be called gods and that these played an integral role in the making of man. It is probable that these aliens would have us believe that they are our makers and creators. If it is that ETs were instrumental in the assembling of Man they would only be the fingerlings at the end of the chain of command.

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