Did God write the bible? Could it be said, in truth, God wrote the bible? Of course God wrote the bible. God wrote the entire bible and more than just ten words of it, Dt.10:4. God wrote the entire bible. God wrote the entire bible but that is not to say God sat down at a typewriter or word processor and tapped out the scriptures. God did not use pen and paper, or papyrus and quill, nor stylus and lead; no he used a computer -Not!!
God used human beings to write down his word. God did not dictate ad verbatim what to write, at least rarely he did. The Holy Spirit moved the people whom God used to record his word, not the people's own impulse. The Holy Spirit did not take possession of them like the devil in the movie "Exorcist". The Holy Spirit did not exert his will through the person's body overriding that person's own will and faculties negating their freedom of choice. The Spirit of God expressed himself through the person's own self using that person's own thoughts, language and ways of doing things. The Holy Spirit did not in any way, interfere with that person's own choice or self in the writing of that passage of scripture but worked through the person's faculties. The human authors did not function mindlessly or robotically. In John 11:45-53 the high priest that year, Ca'iaphas, prophesied that Jesus should die for the nation, this prophesy through him was by virtue of his appointment as high priest and was done while he was giving counsel that Jesus should be killed to protect their own seffish interests. It is seen that the Spirit used the words of Ca'iaphas as high priest to accord a meaning to them which were not in the mind of Ca'iaphas when he spoke them. Ca'iaphas spoke in accord of the thoughts and intents of his own heart, evil as they were nevertheless these words are recorded in the bible for good. Caiaphas still is guilty of murder even though by his evil counsel great good was wrought.
The scriptures have been composed through wars, pestilence, famines, destroying angels, conquering empires and dictatorships. God used the weather, the barren wasteland, the fertile fields to speak his word. The words of a naturally dumb animal are in the bible restraining a naturally intelligent man's stupidity.
God's actions and Israel's fortunes were written up and reviewed by the "histio-theologians" of those times. God gifted people with natural talent and inspired insight for each of their appointed tasks. Different perspectives are taken up and drawn out even of the one event. In Exodus there are three features of the one call of Moses; Exodus 3:7-8 God tells Moses that he, God, has come down to deliver the people from bondage. In Exodus 3:9-12 it is Moses who God is sending to Pharaoh to deliver the people and in Exodus 6:2-8 God is sending Moses to Israel to tell them of the delivering. There is a difference in the style and the vocabulary used in these places where the different emphasizes are. The theory is that there is a complexity of human authorship concerned about different aspects and so bringing out this in their writing. After all there are four gospels each concentrating on different aspects of the one Jesus.
The prophets in their prophesying each had their own emphasis and ways. Some came from schools of prophets; others arose as stand alone prophets. Hebrews 1:1 records "In many and various ways God spoke of old by our fathers the prophets." For Jeremiah the prophet the word of God would come to him. Once it directed Jeremiah to go to the potter, (Jer.18), and once there he heard the words of the Lord in conjunction with seeing the potter at work. God gave Jeremiah a demonstration to inspire the message; audio-visual is an effective teaching medium. But it was Baruch who acted as Jeremiah's secretary in writing the words of the Lord down.
The Supernatural expressed himself through the natural in the formation and fashioning of his word, and also used the supernatural. It is only natural that the supernatural and the natural work to the will of the One who made them. There are many factors, human, physical and otherwise that went into the "writing" of the bible; and the bible is God's word. Although there are many formative factors, instruments and agents used in the evolution of the bible God was intimately concerned in these shaping processes. Just as God delivered Israel from Bondage but Moses was his agent so too does God operate often at times using various agents and processes.
The simple truth is God wrote the bible. How God wrote the bible is simply more complex. God formed man from the dust of the earth is a simple truth in the bible. The how of God forming man from the dust is more complex, as it is with the how of God writing the scriptures. Evolution is just some of the nuts and bolts of God forming Adam.

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